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5 Key Character Traits of a Good Security Guard

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In today’s society and business climate there has never been such a strong demand for security guards to protect vital facilities, equipment, assets, and even the people that occupy these areas, but not all two security guards are the same and the need for well-rounded security guards is pivotal.

Identified are the five key character traits of a good security guard. Practice and improve them as you grow in your career and help yourself stand out from your fellow security officers.

Always Trustworthy and Responsible

security-guardsThe true job of a security guard hinges upon how trustworthy they are in carrying out to the best of their abilities the duties to provide protection for the facilities, equipment, and personnel they are responsible for. It is not simply about watching out for trouble, but doing what is necessary to keep tight guard on the things that matter to the employer.

A good security guard will go beyond the basics of watching out for trouble and will do whatever is necessary to seek it out and prevent it before any damage is caused. A good security guard is also always honest, making sure to take seriously their job of reporting what activities they performed while on duty as well as any and everything that may have happened that required their scrutiny or intervention. This allows their employer to know if they need to increase security, provide additional equipment to their guards, or install additional cameras in blindspots to help make your job easier.

In major metropolitan areas such as Chicago, Los Angeles, Dallas, New York City, and Charlotte, this is extremely important as many of the largest employers are part of what keeps America safe and operating including banking, financial services, aerospace and defense manufacturers, and major utilities.

Has a High Level of Awareness

One of the core functions of any security guard is to be able to identify when there is trouble or criminal activity taking place. In order to do so effectively, a good security guard has a high level of awareness of their surroundings at all times and can spot anything that may be out of place and need a closer examination.

Call it a “keen sense” or just intuition, a good security guard will always be aware of anything that may be presenting itself as a danger and can take appropriate actions quickly to prevent any negative situations.

Shows Bravery in the Sight of Danger

A security guard’s job is not just about identifying criminal activity, but also preventing it. By doing so, they may potentially put themselves in a dangerous position. For the average individual, they would probably run from situations, whereas a good security guard is prepared for such an encounter and are brave enough to move forward in their duties rather than run backwards.

Exudes Professional Confidence and Not Arrogance

Let’s face it, at some point in the career of a security guard, they are going to have to deal with a person that is being belligerent. That is being loud, resistant, and potentially physical. It’s during that time that what helps control the person and/or crowd partly hinges on their ability to be cool under pressure; to exude confidence in their authority and ability to guide people’s actions.

This confidence isn’t about being cocky. It’s not arrogance, but a rather calm, professional confidence that people will listen and react to. A security guard at times has to be the leader and we’d all rather follow a confident leader than an arrogant one or someone who isn’t confident.

Is Mentally and Physically Fit

While it could be called a myth that all security guards MUST be physically fit, in order to become a good security guard it is important to keep yourself healthy and mentally strong to handle any possible situation that may arise while on duty. Be sure to exercise, eat healthy, and even give your brain some mental practice through puzzles, brain games, and continuing to train to help keep your mind and body at its peak.

Some guard jobs may require you to primarily be in a seated position, be sure to get up routinely and move around, stretch, and generally stay in an upright position to keep your body and mind alert.

What Would You Recommend?

These five traits are simply ones that have been identified to help you grow in your career as a security guard.

What about you, would you recommend listing any additional character traits of a good security guard?

Share your answers below in the comments.


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  1. Comment made by donaldraggs on Jul 16th 2015 at 8:19 am:

    Another important quality of a security guard is leadership. It is very important that he have the ability to lead. Sometime’s security personal is expected to work with a team, which means they have to take charge. An excellent security guard must be able to communicate well not only with the client but with everyone.

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